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Laboratory safety is a concern for both the student and instructor. You will never be asked to perform dangerous activities in the laboratory, but all laboratory exercises need to be conducted with basic safety in mind.

The following represents a set of basic laboratory safety procedures that students must practice when they are in the laboratory. Any specific safety procedures for a laboratory exercise are contained in that particular exercise and will be emphasized by the instructor prior to the performing the exercise.

  1. Read all laboratory exercises before coming to the laboratory period.

  2. Safety glasses must be worn when you are heating materials or working with acids, bases or other potentially dangerous chemicals

  3. Know where all of the safety equipment is in the laboratory such as the eyewash stations, shower (if present), fire exits, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, gas cutoff valve, chemical spill cleanup kit, telephone.

  4. If you come into contact with chemicals, stains, etc., wash the affected part with water.

  5. Report all spills, accidents, breakage, cuts, and contaminations to the instructor immediately.

  6. Use the fume hood as indicated in a laboratory exercise.

  7. Read the protocols carefully and often while performing the laboratory exercise.

  8. Make sure you read all labels on dropper bottles, containers, etc.

  9. Place all waste materials, such as chemical, contaminated materials, etc. in the proper containers.

  10. Keep your work area neat and organized. Book bags, purses, books etc. should be stored in the indicated areas. Not on your lab table or around it where someone can trip over them.

  11. Wash the lab table with cleaner before and after your perform a laboratory exercise.

  12. Please note that clothing can be damaged in the lab. Use lab aprons / coats.

  13. No sandals or open shoes are to be worn in lab.

  14. Hot glassware looks like cold glassware, use the "hot hand" or tongs when handling it.

  15. When using the Bunsen burner do not leave it unattended. If you must leave the lab table, turn off the burner and relight it when you return. The flame of the burner is hard to see, make sure you do not bend over the burner, or get extraneous materials near it. If you have long hair, put it up so it will not interfere with the operations you are performing in lab.

  16. Use all equipment following the correct protocols and operating instructions. (Laboratory Exercise #1 will introduce you to the "tools" you will be using in lab and their correct operation.

  17. Be careful when using scalpels, scissors, probes, glassware, etc. and working with preserved specimens. You may wish to wear disposable gloves when working with preserved specimens. If you have a latex allergy please inform the instructor.

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I have read and understand the above safety rules and hereby agree to them and will practice safety in the laboratory setting.

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