For All Science Courses


Evaluation of students will be by tests, periodic quizzes (to check on progress), and written papers. All lecture tests, lab tests, quizzes and papers, including the final exam, will be of equal value in computing the final numerical grade for the semester. 75% of the final grade will be from lecture tests and 25% from lab.

Grading Scale

Numerical Average


90 100 A
80 89 B
70 79 C
60 69 D
Below 60 F


All major test copies and answer sheets, including the final exam are retained by the instructor. The instructor will review the test results with the class, and on an individual basis when requested. The student may keep the quizzes.

Tests are administered during the lecture period. They are multichapter; and contain multiple choice, completion, true/false, and essay questions.


Announced and unannounced quizzes are given periodically to check student understanding and progress.

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