Course Information:

Students are responsible for being aware of all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations AND students' responsibilities contained within the current editions of the:   Paul D. Camp Community College Catalog, Class (Semester) Schedule, and Student Handbook.

Attendance Policy

Cellular Phones, iPods, and any other portable electronic equipment

Makeup Tests

The student will be allowed to make up a missed lecture or lab test ONLY if the instructor is informed of the absence on or prior to the day the test is given. Documentary evidence may be required to validate any excuse for missed tests. Makeup tests must be taken within seven days after the absence, otherwise a zero grade will be issued for the test. Note: Due to their very nature some laboratory tests may not be made up. If the instructor is not notified, the student will receive a grade of "0" for the missed test

Reading Assignments

Student & Classroom Behavior

Students are expected to act in a civil manner and respect the rights and opinions of other students and the instructor. Student/instructor interaction is a function of the learning experience and should be approached in a manner conducive to the learning process. Disruptive behavior in class and lab will not be tolerated and will result in administrative withdrawal from class.

Extra Credit Projects

Written Work

Cheating and/or Plagiarism Policy

Field Trips

Learning Resources

ADA Compliance